Sunday, September 06, 2009

An Inside Look

If you want an overview look at the mind of a liberal Democrat, what they want and how they fight among themselves, look no further than this piece at FireDogLake.

What you need to understand is that Van Jones is "their people." He is their kind of guy, and the fact that rightwingers can expose who he is (and believe me, he wasn't hiding it) is just unacceptable.

In their world Americans at Tea Party protests are "teabaggers" (a disgusting sexual term if you aren't familiar with perverted terms) and people like Van Jones should be celebrated, not fired.

Welcome to the far side of the moon folks.

And as much as people on that side are angry that the Democrats get into bed with big money in D.C., they know that they themselves are still the base of the party. They are just a bit angry with their daddy. Because taking over the banks, the car companies and our healthcare isn't enough for these guys. It isn't 'liberal' enough.

God help us all.