Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Greatest Shame of The Left

Yesterday I couldn't stop watching the History Channel and all their shows on 9-11. I tried to stop. It was upsetting me terribly. I would change the channel, but somehow find myself turning back to the History Channel. Sometimes you just can't believe it actually happened. Just like the actual day, I couldn't turn away.

Two things struck me after I finally turned off the TV last night. We, as a people, from now on, will always think of the impossible.

We never dreamed those radical monsters would hi jack a plane and fly it into buildings. We never dreamed that the World Trade Center buildings would fall. We never dreamed you could make a bomb with your shoes. Now, whenever we are on a plane, in a subway, or in a building, we will now always think of what could not be possible. And we will react that way. We will imagine the impossible.

Now, if you are of a left leaning political persuasion, I suggest you not read the rest of this post. It will not make you happy.

The 2nd thing that struck me is how wrong the left was after 9-11. Wrong in small ways, and wrong in bigger more evil ways.

First, it was fine to not believe in the Iraq war. In fact, if you believed it was wrong to go there, it was your duty to protest it. The left could have done what we in the tea parties have done. Get enough people to see our side, get them passionate about it, and promise politicians they would pay with their seats, and proceed to make sure that happened. If your right, then this momentum builds and builds. Washington starts to listen and things change. Not only did Washington not listen to the war protestors, they approved a surge when all the left was yelling the loudest for us to leave.

But that isn't what they did. They built a campaign against Pres. Bush personally. They lied, smeared, and threw the most vile things at him possible. John Kerry slimed our military. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said that the war in Iraq is "lost." The left kept repeating that we went into Iraq for oil. "No blood for oil" was the mantra.

How's that going for us by the way? Iraq was not "lost." It was won. They have a democracy now and we are pulling out. Yet....I see no big oil contract. I see no big pipeline from Iraq to the United States where the oil comes flowing into Washington. Funny how that worked. The Iraqi's own and operate their oil, just like Pres. Bush said they would. So you see, there actually was no blood for oil.

But there are worse things the left did and didn't do. It's all fine and good to say, even today, that it wasn't worth it to go into Iraq. That you despise war and think it is wrong. But not one person on the left, NOT ONE, has ever said, "I may not have thought this war was right, but I am grateful to Pres. Bush for killing and capturing the monsters who planned 9-11 and thousands of Al-Qaeda and it's leaders, keeping us safe here at home when everyone thought that it was a matter of when, not if, they would attack us again on our own soil."

This should be their greatest shame.

But it isn't. Their shame is greater because not only do they not appreciate the fact that we have been kept safe, they are actually for prosecuting the CIA agents that helped keep us safe from other attacks.

I'm sure many of you wondered, as I did, how was it that no radical monster didn't walk into a mall or a school and blow themselves up? There is no security at malls, and they could get into a school before anyone stopped them. But that never happened. Why?

Because to be the kind of person who would do this, you can't just be a radical Muslim, you have to be crazy nutjob radical Muslim. And what Pres. Bush did was round up all the crazy nutjob radical Muslims and put them in Gitmo. And THAT is why we were never even so much as spit upon by our enemies after 9-11.

And now of course, the left want to close Gitmo.

Once again, the left never said thank you. Because keeping us safe was never what was important to them. Their purpose was always to get Pres. Bush. It didn't matter if Bush was proven right. It didn't matter that we never had to suffer through another day of horror like 9-11. It didn't matter that we were kept safe.

And THAT is their greatest shame.