Wednesday, August 26, 2009

There are real journalists out there....

... and they are found on CNBC

Posted by BigDog

In a previous thread I posted about Whole Foods CEO John Mackey's suggestions for improving health care in the US. Mackey's 8 suggestions - as mild and sensible as they were - outraged liberals who called for a boycott of Whole Foods. Clearly this boycott is failing.

CNBC just this afternoon interviewed one of those people calling for Mackey's ouster. Unlike most modern journalists, these CNBC journalists were polite, objective and skeptical. The first two minutes were background, then it goes on to the interview.

CNBC Interview

This man, Bill Patterson, has nothing. He can't even support his assertations and by the end of the interview, he is shaking.

In reference to my earlier post by Bill Whittle about the Tyranny of Political Correctness: Mackey doesn't fit the narrative. As the CEO of Whole Foods, he is supposed to believe the liberal canon, but since he doesn't, he must be destroyed. So Mackey is attacked by Believers of the narrative. They don't offer an alternative, the only thing that matters is that Mackey is destroyed and removed from his post as CEO despite soaring profit and increased sales.