Friday, August 28, 2009

Change The Republican Party From Within

We who have been involved in the Tea Parties know that as much a anger as there has been towards Democrats for their constant pursuit of expanding government, there is almost as much anger at Republicans for saying they are for limited government, but doing the opposite these last 8 years.

What we have here is a perfect opportunity to change our party from within. We have the attention of the American people, who now understand how critical it is to stay involved. It's time to clean house of Republican politicians who voted to expand government. It's time to find new leadership in almost all our local parties. Take a precinct chair in your district. Encourage strong conservative businessmen and women, engineers, doctors, and teachers to run for office(NO MORE LAWYERS!). It used to be that the local Republican party decided who would run for what, and that was it. But now we have facebook, twitter, and blogs. We can get our message out ourselves. WE can choose a candidate.

We need to take back our party. We are SICK of Republicans who act like Democrats. We are sick of Republicans who pass spending bills to appease the opposition when it is clear that there will never be credit given there. Pres. Bush caved in to the Democrats over and over and all they did was hate him. No more appeasement!

The people need to take back control of our government. This is supposed to be a government OF the people. No more spineless Republicans in name only. Let us only elect those who stand strong on conservative principles.

The time is now. We shouldn't let this opportunity pass.