Thursday, August 13, 2009

The crazy that is our government right now

I've never seen the left or the msm quite so unhinged as they are now, simply because American citizens have chosen to show up at townhalls and voice their concerns.

First Pelosi said that people at the townhalls were toting Swastikas. The media showed a collage of pics with this big photo of Obama with a Hitler mustache. Turns out that picture came from the Lyndon LaRouche people. If you aren't familiar with LaRouche, he's been bringing the crazy for years now. SNL did skits about him in the mid-80's called "Lyndon LaRouche Theatre." It's also interesting that when the left had huge paper mache heads of Bush as Hitler, the media forgot to be outraged.

Then some guy brings a gun strapped to his hip outside Obama's townhall and the leftwing media goes nuts. Turns out he's a libertarian and the open carry law is one that the citizens of his state like to show off. He is also the one who mangled the quote by Thomas Jefferson about the tree of liberty being watered by the blood of patriots. Suddenly he's our poster boy and the entire opposition movement to the healthcare bill is defined by this guy. At least according to the leftwing looney tunes on the net and MSNBC.

Now the DHS, in order to once again paint all of us as scary and threatening, issued another report about "rightwing extremism," using kook sites that in no way represent the right wing.

The fact that this govt agency is being used in such a political manner is appalling, and over at NRO, they explain it pretty well:

"Under Napolitano's watch, government officials who were supposed to be gathering real intelligence on domestic terror threats were instead surfing the web and reading whacky websites, all to create the public perception of 'rightwing extremism,'" [ALG chairman Bill] Wilson said.

The DHS report warned of allegedly impending domestic terrorist acts by gun owners, pro-life activists, people concerned about states rights, and returning U.S. military veterans. Wilson said the department prepared the report "without any intelligence sources, crime data, or actual evidence of planned attacks or any groups known to be planning attacks, or any groups with histories of perpetrating attacks that are currently conducting any types of operational recruitment, meeting, or planning attacks."

You can read a complete list of the web sites used by DHS
here. Prominent among those is the site of the Southern Poverty Law Center, a far-left non-profit based in Mongtomery, Alabama, that for years has seen all kinds of Nazis and KKKers behind every bush in America, but especially those located south of Mason-Dixon Line....

It's one thing for the left to distort, lie, and spin things against us on the right (we expect that), but quite another for our own government to be conspiring against us. First it's website where citizens are asked to tattle on other citizens, and now this.

It almost seems that every day I am confronted with a government that sees someone like me, a college educated wife/mom of four children, taxpayer, never broken the law, volunteer and activist and writer, as someone to watch.

It's beyond surreal.