Sunday, June 14, 2009

Protest Against Letterman

I've said before that Republicans aren't too good at protests because we are just too polite, but maybe it's time we stepped up to the plate EACH time anyway. Maybe we can stop this leftwing hate machine. From Conservatives4Palin:

There will be an anti-Letterman protest in NYC this coming Tuesday, June 16th. The details can be found here - we're reprinting them to help spread the word:

DATE: Tuesday, June 16th

TIME: 4:30 PM

PLACE: Ed Sullivan Theater, 1697 Broadway, New York City

PURPOSE: To protest disgusting sexual jokes made against Governor Palin and her teenage daughtersNeed help with a couple of things - RAM spoke with John Ziegler today, and he suggests that one or more attendees should webcast the protest live. If anyone here has the technology to do that, or knows someone who does, please contact us at, we are looking for people willing to videotape/photograph the event, and upload the video/photos as soon as possible after the event.One more thing - we're attempting to contact the organizers of the NYC Tea Party Protests to see if their membership will be willing to provide support and assistance. As a reminder, Governor Palin is a Tea Party supporter; Andrew Breitbart even basically called her the candidate of the Tea Parties. If any of our readers can put us in touch with New York Tea Party organizers, please let us know!