Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Obamacare must be stopped

Read a few examples of what Doctors have gone through with Medicare here.

Sen. John McCain says the bill should be scrapped:

McCain pointed to a nonpartisan cost estimate of $1 trillion over ten years for the major portion of healthcare reform suggested in a bill floated by Sen. Edward Kennedy's Health Committee and said the cost was too high for American taxpayers, especially since the nonpartisan review foresaw $23 million would lose their current insurance plans under the proposal.

McCain called for giving all Americans a $5,000 tax credit to purchase insurance on the open market. And he suggested lifting bans intended to protect some state health insurance quality requirements that keep people in one state from buying health insurance sponsored in other states.

Doctors booed Obama on Monday when he met with them at a American Medical Association Meeting because they know he sides with trial lawyers in support of malpractice lawsuites without caps.

Obama told the Doctors what they wanted to hear. All the usual pretty words. But this is socialized medicine. It just is. I blame Republicans for putting us in this situation. Healthcare should have been addressed by Republicans long ago.

If this passes, we will all suffer.

Rich Lowry has more here.