Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Stuff

The oceans haven't stopped rising since Obama took office, and it's no wonder.

Oh Goody! The Pentagon is preparing to release new photos that show alleged prisoner abuse at Gitmo and other military detention facilities . (not as bad as those from Abu Ghraib they say)

"Some show military personnel intimidating or threatening detainees by pointing weapons at them. Military officers have been court-martialed for threatening detainees at gunpoint."


This should continue help our reputation around the world that the left worries so much about, while at the same time outrage radical Muslims who will use it against us! What could possibly go wrong? Doesn't matter. All that matters is getting Bush.

Next up on Obama's list (because he really is quite bored, nothing really going on in the world at all) is HEALTHCARE LEGISLATION! Hold on to your insurance card, it's going to be a bumpy ride.

doublpusundead takes a look at Obama's leadership selections.

I'm sincerely starting to think Obama's going to yell "LOL! Punkd!", as I'm struggling to understand how so many Obama appointments can be so wrong.

have a Treasury Secretary with tax problems;
we have a Secretary of State who wants to
overcharge our relations with Russia;
we have a
head of the CIA whose intelligence experience consists of how to sneak the bimbos in and out of Clinton's White House;
we have a Director of National Intelligence who has a
history of human rights violations;
we have a
judge-shopping Attorney General;
we have a Secretary of Education who's planning on 'fixing' No Child Left Behind because his former school district was
unable to meet its standards;
we have a Secretary of Labor who was
on the board of directors of a pro-labor lobbying group;
we have a Homeland Security Secretary who thinks
Canada and veterans are our nation's greatest threats

This is hilarious. Frank J. Fleming at Pajama's media wonders if we elected Borat:

In fact, no one seemed to catch on at all during the campaign, and now he’s gotten elected president and keeps trying even wackier stunts. Bowing to the Saudi king, giving a DVD set he bought at Costco to a foreign leader, giving an iPod to the queen of England — they’re all obvious comedy bits. And then there’s his budget. Like every month he throws another trillion on it to see how far he can go before we figure out it’s all a gag.

Funny, right? Except it really isn't. We laugh so we won't cry.