Thursday, April 23, 2009

"Biden Less Popular Than Cheney Was 8 years Ago"

This is nice to read. Cheney has been painted as "Darth Vader" by the left and he is anything but that. This is a man who gave 7 million dollars of his own money to charities for the poor when Joe Biden couldn't find a charity to give to his whole life.

Cheney was an evil rightwinger, but when his one of his daughters came out as gay, he embraced and loved her and took her with him on the campaign trail.

His daughters, btw, have always made him proud and he has said so many times.

Biden's daughter gets arrested for a brawl and busted for underage drinking and no one hears about it because the press is too busy following the daughter of the woman who isn't our Vice President (Oh God, I wish she were).

The Bush girls order one margarita while in college and all we hear about is how they were party girls. Al Gore's son gets arrested in 2007 for going 100mph with pot and an assortment of drugs including Xanax, Valium, Vicodin and Adderall in the car and this was after a 2003 pot arrest and a 2002 driving under the influence arrest, and yet I never hear a word about him being a partier (or an actual abuser of drugs, which is what he is/was).

I would think Al Gore's son or Biden's daughter might be the more interesting ones to follow around, but Bristol is the one they go after. Go figure.