Monday, March 02, 2009

A Taste of My Interview With Sen. John Cornyn

Ok, here is just a bit of my interview. Now remember, this is an interview for a written piece for Texas Magazine. I have my recorder on. This video was filmed by my daughter just for me to use. In other words, I don't want you thinking this was suppose to be a professional videotaped interview. The sound is terrible because we are in the cloak room off the floor, with people coming in and out and all kinds of noise. Enjoy the first part where I am describing where I am and Sen. Cornyn comes up and surprises me.

In case you can't hear at all, the first question was about up and coming Republican candidates for 2010. He names a few and where our expectations are. The second question was about running Republicans against Specter, Snowe, and Collins because of the anger out here from Republicans. The answer simply is we can't afford to lose Senate seats at this point. Maybe that is not what many of us want to hear, but there is truth there. If a liberal Democrat wins their seat then we get 0% voting with us.

I'll say this about my impression of Sen. Cornyn. Anderson Cooper has nothing on Cornyn's blue eyes. Very intense. Very focused. He believes in conservatism and will fight for it, but he won't fight Republicans. His experience of being a judge and an attorney general comes through. He is thoughtful and pragmatic. Remember, this is a guy who put McCain in his place when McCain was running for President.

Big Bad John indeed.

Keep your eyes on this guy. Five years in the Senate and he is head of the NRSC. Bigger things are yet to come.

Update: This bit of news might change things for Sen. Specter in Penn. Pat Toomey says running against Specter is "back on the table."