Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Silver Lining of the Controversy of Rush and Steele

We all know that Rahm Emanuel and the rest of his buddies are repeating the talking point of "Rush wants Obama to fail" and "Rush is the leader of the Republican party" so that Republicans can be painted with the same false brush of "hate speech" and such that the msm likes to unfairly accuse Rush of. Rahm wants those 8-20% in the middle that actually and unfortunately decide elections to get that impression.

But it occurred to me today that this may backfire on them. I was thinking that if I was one of those in the "mushy middle" hearing all this about Rush, that I would want to see what this was all about and actually tune into Rush and actually listen.

How many hundreds of times over the years have you heard someone call into Rush and tell him how they used to be a liberal, but he opened their eyes? How they now understood what this country was founded upon; liberty, freedom, self responsibility, and limited government. How they understood how destructive liberalism has been to the family and to the country.

More people tuning into Rush will open more eyes and more minds and that is only good for us.

I want to add one more thing about Rush. Over at my Houston Chron blog I have dozens of liberal commenters who take great glee in Rush's addiction to prescription meds. These people of the "party of tolerance" love to bash the fallen, don't they?

Millions and millions of Americans struggle with addiction every day, but these people on the left have no "compassion" for them. They ridicule Rush every chance they get. It doesn't matter to them that Rush didn't use meds to get high. He became addicted after back surgery. But no matter, He is a "drug addict" to them. Rush's message has always been to overcome the obstacles in your life and succeed. Having a family member who struggles with addiction I know how difficult and really amazing it is that Rush overcame his addiction.

That kind of will should be applauded, not ridiculed. But that is what liberals do.