Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Meet Claver T Kamau-Imani

Claver T Kamau-Imani is the gentleman who graciously asked me to be on the radio this morning with him on his new talk show in Houston on "The Truth In Black & Right!" Mon-Fri. 9-11am. KCHN 1050 AM. Streaming KCHNradio.com. I look forward to regularly talking to Claver and I'll let you guys know when the next time will be. But you guys listen every morning!

He is founder and Senior Pastor of Corinthian Christian Empowerment Center in Houston that ministers and houses the homeless, the addicted, ex-cons, and former prostitutes.

He is also unabashedly Republican.

He is amazing, and is out there fighting the good fight.

He is founder of RagingElephants.org, a political organization created to expand the base of the Republican party through racial diversity.
Anyone who has read my blog these many years knows how I feel about racial diversity in our party. This may seem like the worst time to address this problem in our party, but if we never reach out to minorities in a more aggressive way, then they will never hear our message. God knows the media won't give it to them. It's time for us to stop letting the media define our party.

It would mean a great deal to me if all of you would go to Raging Elephants.org and join. This kind of charismatic voice is just what the Republican party needs and Claver needs us to make his voice stronger. Contribute if you can, but please join. Join here, if you are on Facebook. Let's move forward together!