Thursday, January 01, 2009

A few links on Gaza

The Gaza Rules Vidctor Davis Hanson.
Proportionality. Intent. Culpability. Context. Victimization.
The world is a madhouse when clear distinctions cannot be made by supposedly rational adults. Hanson hits the nail on the head in this analysis.

Israel, Hamas, and moral Idiocy Christian Science Monitor
There is no moral equivilance here, folks.

Fight Fire with Cease-fire NYT
Speaking of moral idiots, I give you Exhibit A.

Israel Shakes Up the Information War Pajamas Media
Israel is trying to bypass traditional media which as noted above are moral idiots by using Twitter and You Tube.

Has Israel Learned Its Lesson? Boston Globe
Critical quote:

But it remains an open question whether Israel's leaders have learned the most critical lesson of all: that genocidal jihadists and other mortal foes cannot be wheedled, negotiated, bribed, or ignored into quietude. In a war with enemies like Hezbollah and Hamas and the PLO - enemies explicitly committed to Israel's destruction - goodwill gestures beget no goodwill, and peace processes do not lead to peace.

I do hope the current moderate gov't in Israel is not just trying to act tough for the election.

One of the most persistant foolish ideas floating about is that Israeli retaliation makes Hamas stronger. Sandy Tolan from CSM:
When the smoke finally drifts from Gaza, and the human rights investigations begin – into the death of schoolchildren in midday rocket attacks or the demolition of a women's dormitory – sober voices will ask why Israel has still not learned a fundamental lesson: By trying to crush your enemy, you only make him stronger

Poetic descriptions of collateral damage and the assumptions about 'human rights investigations' aside, her logic does not follow. Hamas is not made stronger by Israeli atacks. Hamas is made stronger by material support from Iran, financial support from the Arab world, the diversion of 'humanitarian aid' and charity to Hamas, smuggled weapons, and moral support from Europe and journalists.