Monday, December 15, 2008


Enough already. Do they have to show that clip on the news over and over and over and over? The news is reporting what the crazy journalist said (also over and over), but not what happened afterward. No surprise there.

Like the fact that the Iraqi press corp apologized and said that he did not represent Iraqis. Like the fact that the other journalists in the room took off their shoes and beat the guy with them. Like the fact that this guy used to end his broadcasts for Al-Baghdadia television with "Live from occupied Baghdad." I suppose in a free Iraq they have their own Keith Olberman.

No, all that most Americans will hear is what the crazy guy said in insulting the President.

I will say after watching the tape, the secret service should be ashamed. Slow does not begin to describe their reaction.

*Adding this regarding the journalist:

His colleagues in the Baghdad office of Al-Baghdadia said Zaidi had long been planning to throw shoes at Bush if ever he got the chance.

"Muntazer detested America. He detested the US soldiers, he detested Bush," said one on condition of anonymity.

Hating America and our soldiers and the left gleefully delights in this. They just cannot see that by disrespecting our President, the journalist disrepected America. They never disappoint that way.