Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bush in Baghdad

Don Suber makes the best point in his recent article, "Bush In Baghdad." Bush's trip to Baghdad reminds us that 24 million people were liberated in Iraq. Liberated from the kind of horror we Americans only see in slasher movies. But the press ignores this fact. The point Suber makes so perfectly is that the left loves to talk about how we should "do something" about the genocide in Darfur. What was a happening in Iraq was the same sort of evil and Bush...did something.

The left thought Iraq would be another Vietnam. I hate to say this, but I believe it, they wanted it to be another Vietnam. They wanted us to fail. For purely political reasons. The MSM went along with them. Reporting every day when things were going badly. But when things turned around and the surge was an obvious success, the press essentially stopped reporting on Iraq. Obama and the left stopped talking about Iraq. Success was not what they wanted so they refuse to acknowledge it, even now.

Suber ends with this:

Bush is in Iraq for the 4th time. A military victory has been achieved. A political one has as well as the Iraqi Parliament has done something our Congress has not: Agreed on an energy policy.

We removed one of the bloodiest dictators on Earth, a man who invaded Iran and Kuwait and who paid terrorists to terrorize Israel. We did what Bill Clinton wanted to do in Bosnia: Liberate a people.