Thursday, October 09, 2008

The Mystery of Donations to Obama

CBS news reported 3 days ago regarding more bogus Obama donors. They report that the Obama campaign are returning these bogus donations. But Newsweek reported this week that FEC auditors have ordered Obama's campaign to return large sums of money from sources with fake names. You might have heard about Mr. "Good Will" who listed "Loving" as his employer. The address was an Austin Goodwill store that claimed to not be involved in the donation. Another made up name was "Doodad Pro" with a liquor store as his address. These fake names gave in excess of the $2,300 that is the limit.


"Campaigns may accept donations of less than $200 without providing the donors' names and addresses in campaign finance reports, but Sen. John McCain's camp has made its full donor database available on the Internet. Independent campaign finance watchdog organizations have asked the Obama campaign to list all its donors, as well, but it's refused."

The Washington Post is reporting that the RNC is filing a complaint with the FEC asking for an investigation into the sources of Obama's thousands of unkown donors, many possible foreign donations. Obama has received the largest amount of unidentified money that has ever come into a U.S. election. According to the Washington Post overseas donations are illegal. I didn't know that, did you? I know that accepting donations from non-US citizens is illegal so I am guessing that is the same thing.

One source that has been identified are two Palestinian brothers form Gaza who donated $33,000 worth of Obama T-shirts to the campaign. They had listed their address as "Ga" which the campaign mistook for the state of Georgia.

A Newsmax report noted a separate FEC database of more than 11,500 overseas contributions to Obama that totaled $33.8 million. Now I know that NewsMax isn't the most reliable source, but if that is true than isn't that $33.8 million illegal donations given the report in the Washington Post?

What is with the fake name donations and fake names in voter registration? Do people not believe that Obama can win this thing honestly? This really does a dis service to Obama and he should be outraged over it. Although I hope Obama doesn't win, I certainly think he is capable of it without his supporters cheating.

In the end their exuberance in wanting to help Obama may cause many problems that won't shine a very good light on the Obama campaign.