Friday, August 29, 2008

The Party of Hollywood!

Just a reminder that most of us would never take political advice from a Hollywood celebrity because they are so out of touch with the average American. We do love to look at them. Maybe that is how Obama filled the stadium? You think? Here is a list of celebrities that attended the convention of THE CELEBRITY:

Ashton Kutcher
Steven Spielberg
Demi Moore
Jennifer Lopez
Gayle King
Jennifer Garner
Black Eyed Peas
Kerry Washington
John Legend
Taye Diggs
Hill Harper
Josh Brolin
Daryl Hannah
Kanye West
Forest Whitaker
Chris Daughtry
Kal Penn
Jamie Foxx
Jessica Alba
Rosario Dawson
Muhammad Ali
Alan Cumming
Fran Drescher
Tim Daly
Ashley Judd
Josh Lucas
Joy Bryant
Ellen Burstyn
Anne Hathaway
Spike Lee
Annette Bening
Fall Out Boy
Big Boi
Sheryl Crow
The Dave Matthews Band
Charlize TheronBruce Springsteen
Stevie Wonder
Ben Affleck
Matthew Modin
Pharrell Williams
Daniel Dae
KimKelly Hu
Wilmer Valderrama
Kerry Washington
Star Jones
Jennifer Hudson
Rage Against the Machine
Susan Sarandon
Josh Lucas

Leonardo DiCaprio
Quentin Tarantino
Pharrell Williams
Wyclef Jean
Warren Beatty
Ed Norton
George Clooney
Viggo Mortensen
Sean Penn
Lou Gossett Jr.
Chevy Chase
Jon Bon Jovi
MobyBun B.
Charles Barkley
Angela Bassett
Richared Dreyfuss
John Oliver
Cindy Lauper
Sarah Silverman
Dana Delaney
Alan Cumming
Gloria Reuben
Kerry Washington
Tony Goldwyn
Richard Schiff
Herbie Hancock

I have to admit when I started this list I had no idea the sheer number of empty headed (but talented) celebrities were there. It tells us much.