Thursday, June 05, 2008


So while I was sunning away on a beach in Florida, Hillary seems to have actually lost the Democratic nomination. I'm still in a state of shock. I just can't believe it.

Somebody took what the Clinton's wanted and they are still alive to tell the tale. No cat was taken, no suicide, no plane crash. Wow. Obama did it.

Not Exactly Rocket Science gets it right (although a bit harsher than I am, I'm with her vibe):

I've disliked Hillary as long as I can remember, something about these type-A balls-out b*tches really bothers me. Now, as most of you know, I'm a real b*tch, myself. I don't take sh*t and I play the game as hard as I can. But I have standards. I can take a note from Laura Bush's camp, too. More flies with honey, and all that. There are lines I won't cross.

Those lines don't exist for women like Hillary Clinton. I have known many women like her. They're determined to step on the top rung of the ladder at all costs. It certainly has cost Hillary a lot. Even more than possibly the presidency. Friends, family, self-respect.

And after this loss, I feel sorry for her. She played the game hard. As hard as she could. She simply got outplayed by a force she couldn't counter, an opponent who possessed a power she couldn't touch: Mystique.

So, where is Hillary? The WaPo says it ends Saturday for her. I suppose that is when I will believe it, but in suspending her campaign she still leaves open the door of something coming out about Obama that will cause the superdelegates to take her back. You laugh, but this is the Clintons and this campaign season nothing seems too surreal to me.

Will she be the V.P. pick? I can't see how Obama refuses and risks making all those white women mad. Then again, there is alot of baggage with Hillary.
More later.......Gotta unpack!