Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Thank General Petraeus

via HotAir

Well, the hearings today should prove to be a show with all Presidential candidates trying to further their own agenda.

It is amazing to me how unwavering McCain has been on winning this war. He has never backed down, even when things were looking bleak. He was proven right about the surge and this should be his day to gloat a bit about that.

McCain understands though, that war is not a game. He understood when he stood strong on a change of course that if things went horribly wrong, his chances at the Presidency would vanish. But as he always said, he would rather win a war and lose a Presidential election. McCain has always proven to me that he loves this country more than he loves politics. At a time when he could have stood with the President of the United States, he opposed him. He was openly critical when he didn't have to be. No matter how one feels about McCain on other issues, you have to respect him for that.