Wednesday, March 19, 2008

For fun

Edit: I took down my first headline. RWS would have swatted my nose.

Raising McCain
"Meghan McCain is a 23-year-old, socially liberal John Kerry voter who loves Superbad, Dita von Teese, Bud Light (see right hand), and campaign blogging. Trouble is, this self-described “Daddy’s girl” will do—and say—almost anything to help her 71-year-old father win the White House"

I am posting this because RWS is a staunch McCain supporter. The picture in the article was not a factor, really.

Wait, what? Dita von Teese? The old school burlesque stripper? I will let you do your own keyword searches for that, RWS won't thank me for linking smut. Bud lite? Light beer is evil. There are many American lagars that are underestimated, Bud is not one of them.

FYI, I do not read GQ. I got this link from Fark.

Can Vegetarians be too Sexy? (warning: Annoying pop-ups)

That is the wrong question. The question is "Are these physcially attractive people single because of serious personality flaws?"

"Turn-Offs: People who don't realize how unnatural it is to eat animals." - Right. unnatural. The vegan lifestyle is unnatural, requiring a modern , expensive distribution system to even be viable. Besides, if we are not supposed to eat animals, why are they made of meat? Also, this woman needs a sandwich.

I like this one: "Hobbies: Hockey, jetting off to Europe, sports, travel, photography, discussing my unfortunate injury at the age of 19, when I was drafted into the NHL." - Um.... right. He's a catch, ladies! Jetting off to Europe is his HOBBY. He also saves cows, or something. (read the article) I have saved puppies, but that is easy. Everyone likes puppies. Cows, whew.... that takes a lot of love to bring a cow into your home, find a cowsitter while you jet off to Europe, etc. Also, he likes to talk about his 10 year old injury. Husband on the hoof, that one.