Friday, March 21, 2008

Can you take one more opinion on Obama/Wright?

Being gone for spring break, I had to catch up on all the Obama/Pastor Wright controversy. I wonder where the MSM was last year when the those on the right discovered Pastor Wright and his crazy rhetoric? Now I see that all kinds of people had this information. But it took ABC news ordering copies of the sermons for it to get out there now. You have to wonder what the difference is though. I can only speculate that Hillary's camp pushed this. There is no way to prove it, but who has the most to gain here by this?

There are the MSM hypocrites of course. Who denounced Hillary for Ferraro, but make excuses for Obama and Pastor Wright. Then there are those on the left who denounced any politician for for not denouncing Pat Robertson or Jerry Falwell, and yet they also make excuses for Pastor Wright.

So the question comes down to this. If Obama was offended with Pastor Wright saying that 9-11 was America's "chickens coming home to roost," or that Bill Clinton was "riding dirty" with blacks just as he was with Monica Lewinsky, and "no one had ever called Hillary "a Ni**ger," (btw, I'm thinking no one has ever called Obama a b*tch either, so there is that) then why did he continue to go to church there for 20 yrs?

Reasonable people aren't buying it. It wasn't just one statement or one sermon. It is obvious what Pastor Wright believes about America. He believes, for example, that the govt introduced AIDS and drugs into the black community to dispose of them and built more prisons to hold them. With Wright it seems to be all about victimhood and lets' be honest, white people just can't stand the whole victimhood thing.

If you believe the govt did all those things, then you are just crazy. But what is crazier is that so many do believe it.

But let's go farther back. Let's hit slavery since Pastor Wright likes to discuss it so much. Let's even go back to the 50's. Were black people treated terribly? Yes indeed. Do I have to tell you what most white people think about that? They think that it is a terrible past, but it is the past. Italians who immigrated here in the early 1900's were treated terribly. I have a book of pictures from my husband's family that would make you weep for all the sadness and hardship in their faces. Poverty doesn't even began to describe what these people went through. I am Irish. Remember the "No Irish need apply?"

We could spend all day arguing whose ancestors suffered the most as this country was finding it's feet and it's morals. Blacks would almost certainly win that hand. But it is the past.

Am I saying that blacks today have nothing to complain about? No. But you do see how legitimate concerns get dismissed with this kind of rhetoric, don't you?

Pastor Wright likes to focus on the negatives of America, which is ironic since Obama focuses on the positive. But then I am reminded of Michelle Obama saying that this was the first time in her adult life that she has been proud of American and it makes me think that maybe Pastor Wright has had more of an influence on the Obama family thinking than they are willing to admit.

It's good to discuss race. We need to get these feelings out into the open. But it's more than race, isn't it? It's about economic levels as well. I have black neighbors on either side of me. Both my son's best friends are black. But we don't have these same discussions. Why? Because once you are a success, then all things of color seem to fall away. Haven't you noticed that? People of all colors love Oprah and Bill Cosby and Colin Powell. People of all colors have been supporting Obama.

So is it really about race? Or is it about success in life? I don't mean being rich. I mean just making a good living, being a good person, getting an education, and being married and having children.

America likes that. The ordinary stuff.

This will hurt Obama because it makes us question whether he is proud of America or not.

Then there is this particular thing that Obama said in his big "race" speech. He said that the worship hour on Sunday morning is the most segregated hour in America. I first heard this phrase by Martin Luther King Jr.'s son a few years ago speaking at the Crystal Cathedral on TV. The irony of Obama saying that is that he chooses to go to a church that specifically segregates itself. Did anyone else notice this?

I have to toot the horn of my own church here. I have been attending Catholic Churches for 25 years. We have lived in 5 different cities. I have never attended a church that wasn't diverse. When my kids were in Catholic elementary school, I use to comment on how many different ethnicities were in the school compared to the public school they would have attended.

My point is that I feel it is important, very important that we of all colors and races, worship together, go to school, and work together. It is in knowing one another that all prejudices fall away.

But in the end all this about Obama doesn't really matter because Hillary is going to win this nomination. I have said that from the start and I still believe it. She will not let anyone take this from her. Mark my words.