Monday, March 10, 2008

NRO editors nail it on Bush's security legacy

We believe history will judge that President Bush made his top priority the protection of the American people against a wily and ruthless enemy. Democrats, on the other hand, are treating our intelligence agencies as though they are the enemy. Whether interrogation or foreign surveillance is at issue, the Democrats’ priority has been to degrade our capacity to collect and connect the dots. Let the Democrats and the New York Times scoff: On the issue of national security, we’ll take President Bush’s legacy.

Read the whole thing.

We all just take for granted that we haven't suffered another attack. No school bombed and children dead in the school yard. No plane flown into a building, killing innocent people just trying to make a living. No suicide bomber in the middle of the food court at your local mall. We didn't have to see the carnage over and over on CNN or Fox News.

All that taken for granted. We didn't stay safe by accident. It was hard work, intelligence, and interrogations. If you don't believe that, then you aren't living in reality.