Thursday, November 08, 2007

Mr. Redford, Just Shut Up.

Robert Redford is ranting about his new film "Lions for Lambs." Look, we all know Redford is a raging liberal and that's fine. That is who he is. In this Washington Times article he bashes Mitt Romney as "plastic." Fine. He is entitled to his opinion, but this is what TICKS ME OFF:

"What he wants, he says, is for people to think about what important moments in recent American history have in common, "from McCarthyism to Watergate to Iran-Contra to now," where the "fear card" has been played."

I have a newsflash for Redford. WE HAVE REASON TO FEAR. I am just sick and tired of mish mash liberals IGNORING what happened on 9-11. I am sick and tired of them pretending that it was an isolated incident instead of the fulfillment of years of terror that we ignored, from the first World Trade Center bombing, to the U.S.S. Cole to our embassy bombings. I am sick and tired of Hollywood limo liberals like Robert Redford who would be the FIRST to be beheaded if the radical Islams got a hold of him, pretend that these fanatics do not pose a threat to us and that we are silly to fear them. Did he not watch the innocent men and women jump from the world trade towers? Did he not see the faces of those lost on Tv night after night? Did he not feel our sorrow and pain? Where the hell was he????? Why not make a movie about that???

Listen Mr. "The Way We Were," we ARE NOT the way we were. Evil men flew planes into our buildings and killed 3000 innocents. They meant to kill tens of thousands more. How can ANYONE who saw any of the coverage of that day or the films made about those plane rides and not think WE HAVE A RIGHT TO FEEL FEAR?

You can disagree with this administration about a great many things. But the TRUTH and the FACT is that this administration has done what it promised, what NO ONE thought it could do. IT HAS KEPT US SAFE FOR 6 YEARS. 6 years. When no one thought we would be safe for 6 weeks. These monsters cut off the heads of our journalists, hung our soldiers like a lynching, blew up our boys and their own people, and promised American deaths, and yet we SHOULD NOT BE AFRAID? Bush plays the fear card????

Mr. Redford, you play the propaganda card with your films. That's your right and be grateful you have it, because under those who hate us, you would not. Take for granted all that you enjoy. That's fine. But don't you accuse this government or people of playing the fear card.

We should be afraid. These monsters are brutal, sick, and HATE us. If we didn't have the mighty military that we have then God knows what would happen.

You make me sick Mr. Redford and you don't deserve to be American. But you are. Because we are free. Free to be ignorant like yourself.