Monday, November 05, 2007

A few thoughts...

I was watching TV these last few days and I just wanted to comment on these two unrelated things.

First, Duncan Hunter proposed giving the jobs of State Department officials who refuse to serve in Iraq to our wounded soldiers. (h/t to Bigdog for reminding me of this)

An excellent idea. I wish Bush had the nerve to do it.

The second thing I watched was Larry King's interview with Bill Cosby and his friend Alvin F. Poussaint who wrote the book, "Come On People; On The Path From Victim to Victors." Did any of you see it? I have written here many times how much I admire Cosby for speaking out about the problems in the black community, but he was practically incoherent in this interview. He would start to answer a question and then go rambling off on another subject that made no sense. He was wearing dark sunglasses the whole time too, which I found strange. I hope he's ok, but that was the most bizarre interview I have seen in a while.