Friday, June 16, 2006

The Politics of Hypocrisy.

Michelle Malkin remembers the press all over certain rap lyrics from soldiers in Iraq that were looked at quite differently than those of "Hadji Girl" song sung by a Marine. This is how the rapper's lyrics are described by the media: "The sound may be raw, even by rap standards, but it expresses things that soldiers usually keep bottled up."

With the rappers, "It was all about the music." Although it is clear to me that both song lyrics shown are as offensive as the other. And even really say the same thing. Here is a excerpt from the rapper's song that was was so praised by the media:

Killem alls what my heart say
So my finger gladly replies
With a 5.56, or a 7.62
Right between his eyes f*ckem

5 to 55 (what) my bullets don’t discriminate
so if you think that im wrong
get me outta here
you can gladly take my place f*ckem


this is war round here
when we see um f*ckem
everybody on the streets
when we see um f*ckem

they callin cease fires
but they keep firin f*ckem
I got no love for them P*ssy n*ggaz here f*ckem

Can someone tell me the difference between the "Hadji Girl" song lyrics and these, except for the fact that at least in the 'Hadji Girl" lyrics it is clear that the Marine was joking???

Look, I don't like either lyrics. I hate crude rude language of any kind. But the hypocrisy of this is astounding.