Saturday, June 17, 2006

A Man Without A Party?

I read that at the "Yearly Kos" convention that the subject that brought out the most passion was replacing Congressman Joe Lieberman with Ned Lamont. Which, by the way, if you want to see a visual on how much the Kossacks hate the truth, check this out. I don't think they even realize how much this illustrates their refusal to face hard facts.

But I digress. David Broder of The Washington Post describes Lieberman as having serious competition with Lamont:

"Sources in Connecticut tell me that momentum in the campaign is mostly with Lamont."

Why would this be the case? Lieberman has been an outstanding Democrat by anyone's measure. So why this challenge? Lieberman says:

"I think we did the right thing in overthrowing Saddam, and I think we are safer as a result," he continued. "Second, while I have been very critical of the Bush foreign policy before the war and the Rumsfeld-Bush policies in Iraq after Saddam was overthrown, I also made a judgment I would not invoke partisan politics on this war."

He goes on:

"My opponent says it broke Democratic unity," Lieberman said. "Well, dammit, I wasn't thinking about Democratic unity. It was a moment to put the national interest above partisan interest."

It boggles the mind that a former Democratic vice presidential candidate, a three-term senator, a former state Senate majority leader and state attorney general who is largely popular nationally would be someone the Democratic primary voters would not want to win. It truly shows how the far leftwing of this party has taken over. It also illustrates that to them nothing is more important than one being against Bush. It doesn't matter if you are right on all other issues and have proven to be an excellent Congressman, Bush hating must come first. If you argue that it's about being against the war I don't buy it because everyone agrees that overthrowing Saddam was a good thing. We don't agree on how and why, which is what Lieberman questions before and after the invasion.

This race will be a very interesting one to watch. If Lamont gets the nomination then Lieberman could run as an independent and would probably win in my opinion. But that would be quite a drastic measure for him to take and the Democrats would lose a influential Democrat to the Independent party.