Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Trapped Conservative.

Conservatives are angry at Bush. The poll numbers clearly show that. We don't talk about it much because we have to spend so much time defending him, or the war, or a dozen other things that are unfairly represented in the media.

Everytime we turn around we hear about some ridiculous accusation from the left. The "Bush lied" mantra is nothing but a joke now, but we had to seriously fight it with facts. Constantly.

The left went crazy over the "secret prisons and torture" thing and now we find out that that bit of information was leaked by a partisan CIA agent to a partisan lefty journalist. We only have her word for it. The left got angry about Terry Shiavo when so many of us saw what happened as protecting one who couldn't protect herself, being a voice for the venerable in our society. A job the Democrats use to claim was their job. No more. Then there was the "illegal wiretapping" that wasn't illegal at all. The story the left tried to sell was that the President was listening in on the private conversations of citizens instead of the reality of people speaking with Al Queda from overseas. Then came Katrina and the left tried to blame Bush instead of the local government (because they were democrats of course) who were actually really to blame. And finally there is Iraq. All the focus is on the negative. None of the good news that we conservatives get from the milblogs and conservative journals is ever put out there in the msm. We are the frustrated lone voices of the positive of having a Democracy in the Middle East. We understand this fight, this war on terror. We understand how great it is for Saddam to be off the world stage. We understand why we haven't been attacked again.

We conservatives are so busy dispelling the myths and the lies of the left we can't even express our anger over the immigration mess, the spending, the compromises, the lack of the veto pen, and the blank check the government seems to want to give to all those things to do with Katrina.

We are trapped. On the one hand we want the President and Republicans to know how we want our party to be run, but how can we do that when we have to fight the dragon of propaganda on the left and their willing partners in the media?

We are the trapped conservatives.