Friday, May 12, 2006

Super Secrets.

Ace has a kind of "what about my privacy rights" smackdown. I wasn't aware that once I had your IP address I could pay $50 for a simple program to find your exact street location, and then a interent reverse-address look-up to find your name. And then find your employer. You would think that alone would force some to be polite on blogs, wouldn't you?

But as Ace points out, none of us are really that interesting.

So for the weekend open thread tell me who you call. Let's just get this out in the open since the government has practically got cameras in our home now.

Me first.

Now, I HATE the phone. Always have. I never never answer it. Caller ID and the "no call" list was a gift from God just for me. So my list is sorta short. Here is who I call or who call me:

My kids, to tell me why they are late.

My Mom, Mother-in-law, brothers, and various sister-in-laws to talk about our kids and why they are always late and when the next visit is.

My best friends, to talk about our kids and how to keep them from being late all the time and sometimes an occasional chicken recipe.

The schools, to ask if I could volunteer for the 5,987th time.

The Church, to ask if I could volunteer for the 7,645th time.

Now, I KNOW most of you don't have as boring a life as I do. So hit me with some juicy phone calls. If the government is listening in, then the least you can do is share with me as well.