Monday, May 22, 2006

My first Michelle Malkin type hate mail!

I've gotten a few hate mails over time, but nothing too bad. Today I got the kind that Malkin deals with daily I suppose.

I feel so special.

Nothing like civil disagreement.

"your occupation is a right wing trailer trash whore. You bedwetters vomit crap about defending the war, yet your are the cowards--why dont you put your phony blond fat ass on the line and go over to iraq. Bush lied and you know it, but being the whore that you are, you try to slime someone who has really shown guts by telling mcclame what she feels to HIS FACE, unlike a little tramp whore like you who does it behind someones back. So typical of the right wing chickenhawks. All mouth. "

Gordon Dolinar

In case you are wondering, I believe this umm..gentleman came from reading about me here.