Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Bad Karma....

be gone! Way too much bad vibes in the comment sections. I will lighten up. Today is my birthday! Feel free to cyber sing me "Happy Birthday!"

My most memorable birthday was when I was 10. As you all know I am a huge animal lover and I wanted a cat or dog so badly. But my father didn't like them in the house. We had some hunting dogs he kept in the back yard, but I wanted an indoor pet. I woke up on the morning of my birthday and there was a line of confetti leading out of my bedroom door. I followed it to the garage and there was what looked like a white styrofoam box with a bow. I bent down and saw there was a little door in the front with a piece of paper taped over it that said "Open me." I tore the paper off and there was a little black kitten. I was so excited I screamed like a maniac and scared the poor cat to death! I named her "Charcoal."

Oh, how I loved that cat.

Which reminds me, now that I have the scanner thing down, I'm going to show you some newer pictures of my newest dog, Jewel, that I got from a rescue shelter recently, and some of my older dog, Shaq. Probably tomorrow.

Open thread. As a present to me, I want everyone to say one nice thing about someone with whom they have disagreed with here. No snarky remarks. No backhanded compliments. If you can't find something to say then say something nice about someone in the political arena with whom you disagree.