Thursday, February 09, 2006

A reality show I really like.

Mary Katherine Ham at Hugh Hewitt talks about the Reality show "Beauty and the Geek." I've only been able to catch it twice, but I really liked it too. Here is what Mary Katherine had to say:
An actual piece of dating advice from "Beauty and the Geek" tonight:

"Whatever you do, don't talk about the monkeys with lasers."

I don't know if y'all are into the whole reality TV thing or not. I know a lot of the reality competition shows can get pretty catty and negative. "Beauty and the Geek" is actually pretty uplifting.

It's uplifting because everyone is actually NICE to one another. Even when the not so brilliant pretty girls get an obvious question wrong and lose the challenge for her and her brainy geek teammate, he doesn't get mad. He says, "that's ok" and gives her a hug.

The guys are totally adorable and endearing. They seem so happy to be around beautiful women they seem to melt in their presence. Maybe this show can show women that there are guys out there who would treat you as you really would like to be treated. Sure, they aren't be best looking guys, but looks fade any way, but kindness lasts.

I have always said that young women should be required to read Dr. Laura Schlessinger's "10 Stupid Things Women Do To Mess Up Their Lives." Because among the most stupid things they do is date and marry goodlooking, but horrible men. If you watch any dating show or even those challenge shows on MTV you know exactly what I mean.

Watch it next time and tell me what you think.