Friday, October 07, 2005

My Soldier.

I lay back against the grass and close my eyes.

I see you walking down a dusty road. You look strong and brave in your uniform, but I know that you don’t always feel that way.

You are walking toward me, but you never reach me. You are so far away, so very far away.

My nights are lonely, but I know yours are lonelier.

I want so much to touch your brave face, to wipe away the dirt and weariness.

I try to see you with me. I try to picture it.

But all I see is war.

And I must face the battle within myself, the one that fights the fear.

I know in the heat of a true battle, it is a battle you fight as well.

The fear wrestles me to the ground. It pins my arms and laughs in my face.

I open my eyes quickly and take deep breaths. I push the fear off of me.

I feel a breeze across my cheek. Do you feel it too? Do you feel my sadness? Do you feel my yearning?

I want this war over. I want those we fight defeated. I want you safe. I want you home.

I see you walking down a dusty road.

I see you walking toward me.

Keep walking toward me.