Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Let's Get This Right.

The Newsweek false story about the flushing of the Quran is disturbing. It makes me wonder about two things. First, how many times has a MSM outlet gone with a story that may be untrue or exaggerated because it was the story they wanted to tell? Why is it so important to them to make the United States look bad? Whether one is for or against the war, don't you want us to win it now that we are there? In war time this should put them at a distinct obligation to get stories right that they know will affect those fighting the war and in the war zone.

Shameful. Really.

The 2nd thing is that we, as a society, have got to realize how different a culture the Muslim world is from ours and we need to respect that. We are so used to freedom in this country, even freedom to denigrate another's religious belief (which is done constantly here), that we forget that there are other cultures that do not allow such freedom and demand a certain respect for their beliefs. I think we need to step lightly here. We are trying to draw the Muslim world into freedom and democracy. If they see democracy as a way for people to be able to desecrate that which is holy to them, do you think they will want it?

We need to show the Muslim world respect and that democracy will not mean the end to their beliefs. It is 2005 and women just voted for the first time in many of the countries over there. They are taking baby steps toward freedom. We need to hold out our arms to help them walk, not push them down. This is important stuff here. This is world changing and history changing stuff.

Our children will live in a safer more free world if we do this right.

Let us be careful.