Saturday, May 21, 2005

I am copying an entire post from ResurrectionSong because it is too awesome and on point not to.

"Richard Cohen has an article in the Washington Post in which he comments on why reporters and journalists are still inflicted with “Vietnam syndrome." :

"By Tuesday the critical blogs had been joined by the Wall Street Journal. It opined that the error stemmed from the press’s—and Newsweek’s—basic “mistrust of the military that goes back to Vietnam.” Here the Journal has a point, but it makes it sound as if that mistrust is totally unearned. The lies of Vietnam—beginning with the murky cause for the war, the Gulf of Tonkin incident—were legion and well documented. Had reporters not taken a lesson from all this—had we not learned something from the revelations of the Pentagon Papers and the later confessions of Robert McNamara—then we would truly be unqualified to practice our profession. Skepticism is to journalists what faith is to the clergy."

"I would like to remind Mr. Cohen that the lies told about the Gulf of Tonkin incident were told by President Lyndon Baines Johnson, a Democrat. All of the lies in the first 8 years of that war were told by Democrats like Johnson, Robert McNamara and John F. Kennedy. There is another lie that a willing press was all too willing to pass on—America lost the Tet Offensive. The truth is, America won the Tet Offensive.
There was one “fact” that wasn’t a lie, and that was the reason for going to fight a war in a foreign land—To stop the spread of Communism in Asia. Many historians are now beginning to agree with what many American soldiers knew over 30 years ago, that we were somewhat succesful in that endeavour.

Bloviate all you want, you have a God given right to, but don’t expect me to have respect for your writings, or those of your media bretheren, when you guys can’t get over the insecurites you learned at the feet of Democrats."