Saturday, November 13, 2004

If any of you had any doubt about much of the MSM's loathing for this war and our soldiers take a look at this letter written to a soldier in Kawait. We call him 2slick here. Because he is (too slick) and he visits here. He has a blog from which I am copying the letter below written to him by an NBC news reporter named John Hockenberry, "an Emmy award-winning news correspondent," after 2Slick sent him a NY Sun article written about Kerry's discharge. Keep in mind....this is a professional journalist for NBC. Note the 'respect' the letter begins with:

2Slick baby,
Sorry, never would have expected an officer to speak so ignorantly. I've been in Iraq, Kuwait, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Israel. Jordan, Afghanistan, Somalia, Lebanon, and Pakistan. As for being ignorant of the military, ouch, wrong about that one too. I have two relatives buried at Arlington. But hey, making blanket statements about people seems to be a real talent over there at DOD. At least you know the difference between a real threat to our nation and a bogus half dead dictator (who was once on the CIA payroll). I feel better already knowing you are out there on the front lines delirious with self righteousness. Hey, you can call me a liar but I can't compete with you guys... you're professional grade. Hope your next promotion doesn't take too long I'm really looking forward to paying you more money to protect me and my family so well. Thanks again 2Slick (the officer who is apparently embarassed to reveal his rank)John Hockenberry (NBC Universal)

2Slick has this below the letter in his blog:

"This guy, an emmy-winner, reports on "war zones" for NBC. Does anyone have any doubts about the way this man feels about our nation's military? Read his email again. For what it's worth, I told him twice before that I was a Captain- and I'm certainly not embarassed about my rank. If you really want to see the whole exchange, you can find it here. In any case, I ask you- whose side are these people on? I'm on my second tour in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, and I won't even pretend to know the answer."

It is one thing to have a disagreement. To write a letter stating your position as a decent person, but this is a professional that reports on the military! Could he be any more condescending? Could he show any more disrespect? And as for being all knowing of the military...having 2 relatives buried in Arlington makes you an expert???? This letter made my blood boil!! Here is a soldier putting his life on the line, maybe disagreeing with the reporter about Kerry, but to write a letter to that soldier that looks a lot like a troll comment on a conservative blog is just disgraceful. He makes me sick.

UPDATE: Since this has been making the rounds I found this sentence in ISOU's leftie blog telling...

"Unfortunately for Mr. Hockenberry, that soldier is also a blogger."

Which means that crude mean jerks who pretend to be objective journalists can longer get away with sending off these kinds of e-mails thinking the rest of us will never hear about them.

Ahh...the power of the gotta love it.