Thursday, October 01, 2009

Bring Them Home

I realized today that Republicans should call for all troops to be removed from Afghanistan. That's right. All troops. Now.

While campaigning Obama called Afghanistan "The good war." But who are we kidding? He said that to sound hawkish so he could win. He didn't mean that anymore than he meant that he wouldn't raise taxes on most Americans.

When the news got out that Pres. Obama had only talked to the U.S. Commander in Afghanistan ONCE in the last 70 days, they quickly put together a conference call. This is a President that has no interest in war. Who doesn't believe in ANY war.

He has no business leading one.

43 U.S. troops have died since Gen. McChrystal called for reinforcements.

Our soldiers deserve better. If this American President isn't interested enough in what we are doing in the Middle East, then we need to bring our boys and girls home.