Thursday, August 20, 2009

While we are on the subject....

Posted by BigDog

What can be done to improve the lives and longevity of all Americans? For the most part, I think the solutions involve LESS gov't involvement and interference in our lives. Lets make a list...

Irradiate food. Irradiating food would significantly reduce food poisoning. While some ignorant people oppose irradiation for superstitious reasons, there is no rational reason to not allow more of it. Food borne illnesses cause 76 million illnesses a year, with 325,000 people seeking medical treatment and 5000 people die. Those numbers would plummet if we irradiated most or all of our food.

Omaha Steaks (yum!) irradiates their food. Good stuff.

Get rid of CAFE standards. CAFE standards mandate that car companies have an average fuel consumption set and determined by the gov't. This means smaller, less safe cars. Thousands of Americans have died because of CAFE. Shouldn't individuals choose their own level of risk vs fuel economy instead of having it imposed on them?

Speed up drug approval. The FDA is a necessary agency, but even they admit that if aspirin were invented now, they wouldn't approve it. The drug approval process is excessively cumbersome, expensive and takes far too long. People die waiting for drugs that could have saved them.

What other sensible steps that don't involve creating new government agencies do you suggest?