Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Billboard Battle

In case you haven't been keeping up, Claver of raised enough money on his site to put up a billboard at the MLK exit off 610 in Houston that read "Martin Luther King Jr. was a Republican!" Quanell X (who is Houston's own Al Sharpton) brought out opposition to the billboard, and local news channels ran the story. That evening the sign company gave in to opposition's demands and took the sign down. No refund for Claver either.

I suppose Quanell X thought he had won, but that isn't what happened. Drudge put the story up as a headline. CNN and Fox News aired the story and Fox News put it on it's front page. Radio stations across the country started calling Claver for interviews. Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, and Chicago called. Sean Hannity played some of the news clip on his TV show.

Donations have poured into (feel free to donate so Claver can continue to get the message out there!)

Claver had hoped the sign would touch the people of Houston. But now, because of the opposition, it's touched the nation. Claver had said that he wanted a conversation to start in the African American community.

I think he got that and quite a bit more.

Call it God, call it karma. It's all good.