Saturday, June 27, 2009

No Freedom For The Iranian People

Sadly for the Iranian people, the writing is on the wall, or rather the writing is not on twitter. The voices inside Iran have grown quite, as opposition supporters are beaten, arrested, and Mullahs demand that protest leaders be severely punished or even executed.

There will be no Reagan like "tear down this wall" statement from this President. Obama, waiting to see how the wind is blowing as he usually does, made his strongest statements about a week to 2 weeks too late.

Mousavi's website has been taken down. Neda, the beautiful young girl shot dead in the street, is a reminder to all those who would even go to a protest, much less lead one, how deadly it can be.

We here in America, who pay attention, are troubled with our own disintegrating freedoms. Cap and Trade and Government run health care are being pushed through Congress at incredible speed. Our future is at stake here.

So as we try to fight against the things that will so hurt America, we turn our eyes away from the brave people of Iran who depended on us for support. All they got for their fight and bravery were empty words from our President.

Change will not happen in Iran. There will be no freedom. Not now. Not today.

It's a terrible shame.