Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Behind The Spin, The Truth

The left never misses an opportunity to spin a tragedy into a political smear. They tried to do that with the Tiller murder, but every pro-life group condemned it so that kind of fizzled. Now they are saying that the shooting at the Holocaust Museum were done by a "rightwing extremist." The only problem is that the shooter hated "neo-cons", "Bush", and "McCain." Add to that that he was a part of the far left "truthers" regarding 9/11 conspiracy theories and that his writings show a hatred of big corporations that is the same as that of leftwing anti-globalization activists. you have something crazy, but not a "rightwing extremist."

But don't expect to hear that on the MSM or the leftwing blogs. It doesn't fit their narrative, so they will ignore it.