Friday, May 29, 2009


I finally got some down time here in Washington D.C. to update you guys! My daughter is interning here this summer and I am getting her settled. Yesterday we got a tour of the Fox News studios by Brian Wilson, a fellow Texan. We also met Jim Angle, another fellow Texan. It was so much fun. It's amazing how elaborate the backgrounds look on TV, but in reality they look like painted pictures. Thank goodness for computer graphics, right? The development of Fox News really is an amazing story. It's the little train that could, that became the biggest locomotive in the business.

I'll download the pictures when I get back.

I also did a segment for Smart Girl Politics on PJTV! You can watch it here.

I haven't time to watch the news (and I'm getting a bit shaky from withdrawals...;-) But I was glad to see Pres. Bush finally defending himself while staying gracious, as always.

I'll check back when I can. I don't know what happened to BigDog.