Friday, May 22, 2009

A Tale Of Two Women

I think I get what all the liberals were squawking about when talking about "certain woman politician" we all know. You know the one. The one who didn't graduate from an Ivy league college. The one who was a "breeder" of five kids and barely had ANY experience. Imagine her being 2nd in the line of succession the Presidency??! The ridiculous woman who spends $150,000 on her clothes.

Oh, I'm sorry. Did you think I was talking about Sarah Palin? Oh no. I was talking about Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

When I realized the other day that Nancy Pelosi was 2nd in the line of secession to the Presidency, it depressed me sure, but then I got to wondering exactly what her background really was. She graduated from Trinity College in Washington D.C. , an all girl's Catholic college in 1962. She married in 1963 and had five kids.

Interesting thing. I can't find what her major was anywhere. It is not on wikipedia, nor in any of the biographies I read online. I find that strange. If anyone can find that bit of info, I'd appreciate it.

Other than being party chairwoman for Northern California in 1977, she never ran for anything until 1987 when Congresswoman Sala Burton died of cancer soon after winning her second term, having named Pelosi as her successor. Pelosi was then 47 years old when she first ran for office. It would take her another 20 years to be elected to Speaker of the House.

By the time Sarah Palin was 44 yrs old, not only had she had five children, she was running for Vice President of the United States. After a career in journalism and running a small business, she started her career in politics at the age of 28. She was elected mayor and then Governor.

But when you compare this two women side by side, I now find it laughable all the names they called Palin.