Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Miss. California

Carrie Prejean smacked down her critics really well today in the press conference with Donald Trump. No matter how you feel about pageants or bathing suit pictures or racy pictures, it is clear that Carrie was targeted for attack because of her conservative views on marriage. This was always about a free speech issue. The "tolerant" left is never tolerant about views they disagree with.

Anyway, I haven't blogged on it because everything that could be said was being said. But one interview you might not hear otherwise, is the one she had with Dr. James Dobson of Focus on The Family radio. There she gives her "faith" answer to all that went on. It's very interesting. Her experience with how God answers our prayers is very similar to things that have happened to me and, if you are a believer, to you too. Carrie isn't perfect, wasn't perfect. We are all flawed. But free speech should never be denied because of people's past or their beliefs now. No matter what we have done, God meets us where we are.

Go here. Click under "Most Popular" on "Carrie Prejean Standing Strong" Part 1 and 2.