Thursday, April 09, 2009

Losing the Hispanic Vote

The controversial issue of illegal immigration will raise it's ugly head again when the so called "DREAM Act" will come to the floor. A few days ago Sen. Dick Durbin and other members of congress introduced a new version of the DREAM Act, that would allow illegal alien teens that were brought here by their parents as toddlers or babies to remain in the country if they attend college or join the military.

The Democrats would like nothing better than to bestow citizenship to all 12 million illegal aliens in this country right now so that they can secure those votes for the future. This bill is a small door opened for that idea.

This is what Republicans get for being so stubborn on this issue.

When Pres. Bush pushed for comprehensive immigration reform, the Republicans wouldn't budge.

Bush had called for strengthening security along the U.S.-Mexico border, including a 50 percent increase in the number of Border Patrol agents, but he also called for a guest-worker program, which would allow foreign workers to fill jobs in the United States for a limited time, after which they would return home and allowing some of the more than 12 million illegal immigrants already in the United States to work their way toward citizenship, by paying fines and back taxes, working in a job "for a number of years" and learning English.

But no, heaven forbid we do ANYTHING but deport them all.

When the Democrat majority in Congress and Pres. Obama get through, you guys who were all against Bush on this will be BEGGING for that kind of compromise.

If you remember, amendments on Bush's bill that would have required adult illegal immigrants to return to their home country within 2 yrs in order to apply for a new type of visa that would allow them to stay in the U.S. indefinitely were also defeated. It seemed no compromise was good enough for Republicans.

So Republicans looked anti-Hispanic to the fastest growing minority in this country. Just great. And then we wonder why Obama got the majority of the Hispanic vote?

Fast forward to the Obama administration, who will do everything in it's power to make illegal aliens legal and there won't be any of this going back to their home country, paying fines, or back taxes, or probably even learning english.

With this sweet sounding "Dream Act" millions of young Hispanic adults will become American citizens just in time to VOTE. And they will be forever grateful to the Democrats for the privilege. They will soon have families and they also will vote Democrat.

Do you see why this is so frustrating for me? For years on this blog I have tried to get my Republican friends to look past their own stubbornness on this issue and compromise in a way that would bring more Hispanics into our party. Hispanics are a natural fit. They are pro-family, pro-life, religious, and value oriented. The rhetoric coming out of the Republican party on this issue has alienated this community of legal citizen voters.

Now, because we wouldn't compromise with Pres. Bush, we not only will get "Amnesty" for illegal aliens, but generations of Hispanics beholden to Democrats for their citizenship.