Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Just got this from Michael Yon:

Few people realize that New York Times journalist David Rhodes was kidnapped in Afghanistan back in November. There were a few scattered stories early on, but big reporting apparently has been squashed. In December, during a trip with Secretary Gates, I asked a New York Times reporter if she knew the status of the situation. The story had been kept so quiet that she didn’t actually know the kidnapping had occurred. The information came to me from several sources some weeks after the kidnapping in Afghanistan. I sat on the information, but there are a growing number of snippets on the web, and it can safely be said that the word is out. One extremely well placed Pentagon source told me in December that Rhodes is believed to have been moved to Pakistan.

I had no idea about this guy, did you?

Isn't this kind of big? Why is the NYT's keeping quite about this. Please don't say it's because of National Security or anyone's safety, because they proved long ago they care little for either.

More here.