Sunday, February 08, 2009

Sen. John Cornyn on Fox News Sunday

The transcript is here, but this part sums it up nicely:

WALLACE: Senator Cornyn, isn't there considerable risk to Republicans to be seen as voting almost unanimously against the president's economic stimulus plan when he is seen by the public as making such a big effort to be bipartisan?

CORNYN: Well, the president has done a good job reaching out to Republicans, and he has said he wants to approach this crisis, like other problems the country has, on a bipartisan basis. That's good, and we're willing to work with him on that.

But this bill is not the president's bipartisan plan. It's Nancy Pelosi's plan, and she said, "We won the election. We're writing the bill." And that's what happened in the — in the House.

And I think every Republican suggestion that's been offered during the course, almost without exception, has been defeated along a party-line vote.
So this is — I don't think Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi actually got the memo from the president when it comes to bipartisan cooperation. That's why you're seeing this outcome.