Wednesday, February 18, 2009


You guys know how much I respect and listen to Michael Yon. He had the courage to tell us when things were going bad in Iraq when no one on the right wanted to hear it, and he was the first to let us know the surge was working.

This bit in The WaPo has me a bit concerned about the additional troops going into Afghanistan:

U.S. military reporter and blogger Michael Yon says he believes the U.S. army is more capable of fighting in Afghanistan than any other in history. But one paragraph in his article stands out with its deep sense of misgiving:

“The sum of many factors leaves me with a bad feeling about all this. The Iraq war, even during the worst times, never seemed like such a bog. Yet there is something about our commitment in Afghanistan that feels wrong, as if a bear trap is hidden under the sand,” he says.

Michael has always had great instincts.

Color me worried.