Saturday, February 28, 2009

Finally checking again from CPAC!

This weekend has just been so much fun and productive that I didn't have time to blog. My good friends Melissa Clouthier and Ed Morrisey at HotAir were liveblogging it for all of us. Tons of other great bloggers there. James Joyner from OutSideTheBeltway. Stephen Green from the VodkaPundit was there and he has some sort of evil power that makes martinis 3 times more powerful just by being near him. I was a victim of his evilness. It was fun though.

I can't begin to name all the people I met, from National Review writers to Joe the plumber, who I got a pic with (I'll put up all the pics tonight) Joe turned down doing "The Bachelor." Can you believe that? He didn't want to get into that cheesy stuff especially when it comes to finding someone to love. He really is just a humble good guy.

Talked Michelle Malkin again , who is just a living doll. My daughter was so excited to meet her. Glenn Reynolds and his wife Helen of "instapundit" was there as well and as sweet as can be. We saw Stephen Baldwin for just a second. We listened to Mitt Romney sounding very Presidential. There is no doubt he will run again. William Bennet spoke about us not using over the top rhetoric with Obama . We shouldn't even use the word "socialism." We just need to be factual.

Sen John Cornyn spoke yesterday and was very good. He has presidential qualities imo. Congressman John Boehner was fantastic! Very funny and nice looking. Very inspiring. He had us giving him about 3 standing O's. Sen Jim DeMint was also charismatic and down to earth. I was very impressed with him. There was a very "fighting back" spirit in the place. Very upbeat and I liked that.

We stood close to Ann Coulter doing some interviews (so skinny!) and I got to speak with former Senator George Allen, and Jim Pinkerton of Fox News, and Tom Delay (who I am not overly fond of), and guess who else I met?? Alphonso from the videos I always embed here. The young black guy that slams Obama and tells it like it is. He was so cool and sweet. I got a pic of
him too.

When I get home tonight I will put all the links in and I'll try to remember all the things that happened. I had such a good time!