Sunday, November 16, 2008

Gun Shopping

I Finally went gun shopping today. The guy who helped me said the gun show in Conroe last weekend was so packed that you were shoulder to shoulder with people as you tried to walk through. He said he has never seen anything like it. He said people were buying ammo by the cases.

I can't imagine why that is.......*snort*

Anyway, since I decided to learn to shoot and get my CHL I've been asking advice on the net and researching guns. I have a 45 semi-automatic, but it's too big for me. I have really small hands. The guns above are what I looked at today. The bottom one is a BerettaPX4 STORM 9mm. It felt good in my hand but is a bit complicated. I could easily get used to that though. The pink one in the middle (so cute, like a MaryKay gun...heh.) is a Taurus PT-111 9mm. The top one is a Revolver model 640 and it was my favorite as far as how it fit my hand and how easy it was to handle. But the salesman didn't think I would like the kick. So my next step is to go to a shooting range that rents guns and try these out. Any advice is welcome.