Monday, October 27, 2008

Preacher of Hate

Republican Pac is airing this in swing states. I'm so glad they are doing this. It is beyond ridiculous that McCain isn't using this. If McCain had followed a racist preacher for 20 yrs, who he named his most famous book after one of his preacher's sermons, and who believed that black people spread AIDS, I think it would be campaign issue, don't you??? Good grief. Every time I see this preacher I want to scream.

Just a reminder.

Obama in 2004: " Oh, I admire Wright so much. I named my book after one of his sermons. He's one of my heros. He married me and Michelle and baptised my children"

Obama in early 2008: "I go maybe twice a month to church, so I never heard those racist sermons, but I could never disown Wright anymore than I could disown my own uncle"

Obama later in 2008 when people got a good look a those racist sermons: "Of course I disagree with everything he said! I now disown him. I quit the church."

What a joke this whole thing is.

Donate here. I know it's hard to believe, but a lot of Americans haven't been paying attention and don't know about Rev. Wright. Help make sure they do.